Weekly Update (1/13-1/17)

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Popcorn Words:

said, made

Writers Workshop:

We continued on with our “How-To” writing this week!  On Monday, we wrote a “How-To” about making cookies! This was done whole group.  The kinders had a blast cutting out their pictures, putting them in order and coming up with a sentence to write for each step.  On Tuesday, we discussed different topic ideas for our own “How-To” and the kinders watched Mrs. Tindall start her own “How-To”.  After the mini lesson, they were released to try it on their own!  They did fantastic!  I am super proud of how hard the kinders are working on this type of writing.  They continued to write their “How-To” piece on Wednesday and Thursday.  

On Friday, we read the mentor text “How-To Make a Liquid Rainbow”.  While reading the book, we went step by step and followed all of the instructions and created our own liquid rainbow!  The students were super EXCITED while we were making it! This activity was such a fun way for us to incorporate science into our writing.  It also got us very excited about learning:)


Readers Workshop:

On Monday, we learned that careful readers check that their reading makes sense and sounds like a book.  They stop and ask, “Did that make sense? Did that sound right? If not, they don’t just keep going! Readers try to fix it!”  We discussed and used the chart below to help us make sense of this.


On Tuesday, we learned that pattern power doesn’t only help us read the words in our books, but it can also help us  think about the whole book.  We learned that when you get to the last page of a book, you can think about how the ending goes with the pattern. Then ask, ‘What is this whole book really saying?”

On Wednesday and Thursday, we focused on sounds in the letters.  The students were encouraged to think, talk, play and sing the alphabet.  They were able to get to know all of the fun ways that letters and sounds go.  They also were encouraged to try a word they may not know by looking closely at the beginning sounds in it.  Then think, ‘What word could this be?”


This week in math we showed a teen number as a group of ten ones and further ones and we matched partners and totals for teen numbers.  We also focused on adding and subtracting numbers from 0-5, writing numbers 0-30, and showing partners for numbers 2 through 7.  We are nearing the end of this unit and hope to take the Unit 3 test next week!

Star Student:


Meet Harrison!

Harrison was our star student this week!  We learned so many fun new things about Harrison.  We learned that he lives at home with his mom, dad, brother (Will), and sister (Emelia).  His favorite color is blue and his favorite animal is a cheetah.  He enjoys eating pizza and his favorite book is “The Old Lady That Swallowed Some Leaves”.  His favorite thing to do at school is to play with his friends and his favorite thing to do at home is to play in the basement with his brother and sister.  Three super cool facts about Harrison are 1. He is a golfer, 2. He was born 3 weeks early due to a heart condition that improved right after he was born and 3. His family has a cabin in the woods that he enjoys going to!  Thanks for being an AMAZING star student this week Harrison!  We had fun learning about you.

Mystery Readers:

On Wednesday the kinders were super excited to see Ellary walk through our door!  Ellary is Mrs. Tindall’s daughter and she is in 2nd grade at Georgetown.  She will often stop by at the very end of the day so all of the kinders were EXCITED to see her!  She read us a Mo Williams book, “Should I Share My Ice Cream?”.  Piggie and Elephant books are super popular in our room so the kinders had a blast listening to her read!  Thanks for swinging by, Ellary!


On Friday, Kennedy was thrilled to see her grandma walk through our door as a mystery reader!  Kennedy’s grandma read us the book, “The Deer with the Purple Nose” by Wayne L. Brillbart.  This book was so neat because it was full of real-life pictures of animals in nature!  Thanks for stopping by Kennedy’s grandma!  We had so much fun listening to you read!



Important Information

It sounds like snow should be arriving this weekend, so please insure your kinder has snow pants, boots, a warm coat, hat and gloves to play outside in every day!  Thank you! 

Please remember to send 2 healthy snacks with your kinder each day.

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Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Jan, 20…Art-Take Home Books Due
  • Tuesday, Jan 21…STEAM
  • Wednesday, Jan 22…Music-Take Home Books Due
  • Thursday, Jan 23…Gym
  • Friday, Jan 24…Art–Take Home Books Due
  • Friday, Jan 31…Early Release @ 12:15pm
  • Winter Break: February 1-4
  • Valentines Party- Friday, February 14th 2-3pm

Weekly Update (1/6-1/10)

Popcorn Words: 

at, that

Writers Workshop

This week in writing we learned a new type of writing! We learned about “How-To” writing.  We learned that a “How-To” piece tells us step by step on how to do something.  On Monday, we kicked off the new unit by watching a short “how-to” clip on how to pick strawberries and jump rope. We discussed the steps it takes to do these things.  After our introduction we talked about making a snowman and what are the exact steps it takes to build it!  We put pictures in order on how to build a snowman and we wrote down the steps.  We did this for making hot cocoa, washing our hands and making a smore!  Next week the students are going to come up with their own “How-To” and work on it independently.

Readers Workshop

This week in readers work shop we received new reading mats!  These mats are encouraging us to stack our books on one end and read through the pile.  When we are finished with a book we put it on the new stack and we keep doing this until it is time to partner read!  The reading mats were a hit and the students were excited to receive one!  This week we also discussed that our brains are growing and we are now reading more challenging books than we did at the beginning of the year.  We discussed our super powers and reminded ourselves that we can tackle these long books if we remember to put our powers to use and try very hard!  I am so impressed with how well everyone has been working this week in readers workshop!


This week in math we told addition and subtraction stories, showed numbers 6 through 10 using 5-groups, sorted and classified objects and used the equal and not equal sign.  We are also working on drawing numbers 6-10 using a 5-group and writing numbers 0-30 as a whole class!  Check out a few pictures from our time in math this week.

Star Student:

Meet Mason

Mason was our star student this week!  We learned so many fun new facts about Mason.  We learned his favorite color is blue, he likes to eat pizza and his favorite book is the Pete the Cat series!  He enjoys recess, centers, art and gym at school. He loves to play videos games with his brother and cousin at home.  He lives at home with his mom, dad, sister, brother and new dog named Nellie.  Three super cool facts that we learned about Mason are he is half Korean, he has 3 great-grand parents still in his life and he broke his first bone at 2.5!  Thanks for being a wonderful star student Mason! 

Mystery Readers:

On Wednesday, Chase was super surprised to see his Dad and brother walk through our door as our Mystery Readers!  Mr. Hopkins read us a super fun book about their dog Mocha.  This book even had Chase and Peyton’s names in it too!  The class though this was so neat!  Thanks for visiting our classroom Mr. Hopkins and Peyton!  

On Friday, Presleigh was excited to see her grandma walk through our classroom door!  Presleigh’s grandma read us the book, “The Way I Feel” by Janan Cain.  This book talks about the different feelings that we may feel and how we can be in charge of changing our feelings!  We had a great discussion on feelings and it was so much fun to have Presleigh’s grandma visit our classroom! 


Important Information

Please remember to send your kinder with a hat, gloves/mittens and coat every day!  Many kiddos are coming to school without gloves/mittens. 

If there is snow on the ground, please plan to pack your child’s snow pants. 

Please remember to send 2 healthy snacks with your kinder each day.

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Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Jan, 13…Gym-Take Home Books Due
  • Tuesday, Jan 14…Art
  • Wednesday, Jan 15…STEAM-Take Home Books Due
  • Thursday, Jan 16…Music
  • Friday, Jan 17…Gym – Take Home Books Due
  • Friday, Jan 31…Early Release @ 12:15pm
  • Winter Break: February 1-4
  • Valentines Party- Friday, February 14th-an email will go out next week asking for volunteer help.  Please be on the look out for it.

Tomorrow-1/10 is Stuffed Animal Day!

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The kinders earned a reward in our classroom and they picked a stuffed animal day!  So tomorrow, January 10 is stuffed animal day.  Please have your kinder bring a stuffed animal(that fits in their backpack) to school.  Their animal will get to enjoy the school day with us inside the classroom! 

See you all tomorrow!

Weekly Update (12/16-12/20)


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Popcorn Word:


Holiday Crafts: 

This week in kindergarten we had a blast making crafts for the holiday season.  On Monday, we each made a snowman that will hang in our hallway all winter long.  On Tuesday, we learned about reindeer then wrote down some facts about them and assembled a reindeer craft.  On Wednesday, we celebrated Grinch Day by reading “The Grinch” by Dr. Seuss, making a Grinch craft and doing a few Grinch activities.  On Thursday, it was all about the gingerbread boy.  We read a book about the gingerbread boy and took part in a few gingerbread activities.  On Friday, we celebrated the end of the holiday week by having a Polar Express day!  The kinders  traveled to each kindergarten classroom and watched part of the movie.  We finished the morning by making a Santa craft!  We had a blast this week celebrating the upcoming holiday this week in kindergarten.



This week in math we worked on building larger shapes from smaller ones!  We noticed that you can build a larger triangle out of smaller ones and a hexagon out of 6 triangles!  We had fun experimenting with this and seeing what shapes we could build.  We also worked on sorting in math.  The students sorted shapes and animals.  We talked about the different categories we could sort these objects—by size, color, shape, number of legs, etc…The kinders had a blast with this activity!


Book Exchange:

On Wednesday, we had our book exchange!  The kinders were very EXCITED about the game we played to do the exchange.  Everyone sat in a sat in a circle and we played Christmas music on a CD and passed around books.  Whoever had a book when the song stopped, got to open the book!  We played this until everyone had a book.


Star Student:

Meet Landon!

Landon was our star student this week!  We learned that his favorite color is blue and cats are his favorite animal–he has two cats at home!  He enjoys eating hot dogs and loves the book, “Just Me and My Dad”.  His favorite sport is baseball and his favorite thing in school is STEAM studio!  For fun, Landon enjoys fishing, making crafts such as slime and going up north with his family.  Thank you for being an awesome star student Landon.  We are so glad you are part of our classroom family.  


Mystery Reader:

On Wednesday afternoon Finn was super surprised to see his sister Avery walk through our door as a Mystery Reader!  Avery read us the book “The Gingerbread Mouse”  in this book about a tree branch falling on mouses house making her find a new home.  She ends up finding a new home, one that she can truly call home!  It was a very sweet Christmas tale that the students seemed to enjoy!


Important Information

Have a safe and fun Holiday Break!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone again in 2020!


Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Jan, 6…Music
  • Tuesday, Jan 7…Gym
  • Wednesday, Jan 8…Art
  • Thursday, Jan 9…STEAM, Jets Pizza Night 4-9pm
  • Friday, Jan 10…Music, Stuffed Animal Day-bring your favorite stuffed animal to school
  • Friday, Jan 31…Early Release @ 12:15pm
  • Winter Break: February 1-4


Weekly Update (12/9-12/13)

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Popcorn Words: it, what

Writers Workshop:

This week in writing we continued to write small moment stories!  We focused on using our word wall for words that may have already popped into our classroom!  We learned that writing does not always need to be super hard work, sometimes we can use our word wall to help us write a word, if we are not sure how to spell it.  Each kinder was given their own individual word wall to keep in their folders.  On Wednesday, we learned that it is important to write stories that contain lots of details!  We learned that the more details we add, the more interesting our story will be!  We wrapped up our week in writing by learning how to use our partner to support our writing.  We learned how to give feedback to our partner and how to be a teammate to our partner so we can get the job done together!  We are doing this by giving stars–amazing things the writer did and wish-things the writer could add or fix.  It is so fun to see the kinders giving each other stars and wishes on each others stories! 


Readers Workshop:

We wrapped Unit 2-Super Powers this week in reading.  The kinders worked on retelling books after they have read them.  As a class, we read a book together then worked on telling all of the important parts of the story-who was in it, where did it take place, what happened, etc… We also spent the rest of the week celebrating how far we have come as readers!  I am so proud of each and every one of these kindergarten students.  They are all working so hard in the area of reading! 



This week in math we focused on showing tens and ones in teen numbers.  We did this by grouping the tens and showing the extra ones.  We also spent time drawing numbers 6 through 10 using 5-groups, finding partners of numbers 2 through 6.  On Wednesday and Thursday we told and solved addition and subtraction stories and reviewed the following shapes: triangle, square, rectangle. 


Star Student:


Meet Emma

Emma was our star student this week!  We learned so many new things about her! We learned that she loves the color purple, her favorite animal is a turtle and she enjoys basketball.  Her immediate family includes her mom, dad and brother.  Her favorite thing to do at home is cuddle her family and her favorite thing to do at school is play centers!  A few unique facts about Emma is she can speak two different languages, she likes to dance and she just joined girl scouts!  We are so glad Emma is part of our classroom family! 

Thanks for being a terrific star student this week, Emma!


Mystery Reader:


Zoe was thrilled to see her mom walk through our door this week as our mystery reader!  Mrs. Zomerlei read us the book, “A Wish to be a Christmas Tree” by Colleen Monroe.  In this story, an overgrown pine tree is always being passed by for Christmas by families looking for a Christmas tree.  He grows sad but his woodland friends cheer him up by showing him that his Christmas wish can come true!  The pictures in this book are amazing and I urge you to check it out.  It is definitely a classic Christmas tale that could be read over and over.  Thank you for coming into our classroom and sharing this sweet book with us Mrs. Zomerlei!  


Holiday Program:

We had a BLAST performing for our holiday program last night!  The kinder did a phenomenal job and looked absolutely amazing on stage!  I took a few pictures before and during the program, please check them out below!



Important Information:


The 5th grade annual candy cane sale is here! Don’t miss out! You can buy a tasty treat for only $1.
The sale runs through Wednesday, Dec. 18th!
Thank you in advance for your support!

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Our class is planning to shop on Monday, Dec. 16th from 9:15-10:00am at the Holiday Shop.  If you would like your child to purchase items for family members or friends, please return the holiday shop envelope by Monday morning. 
Thank you!

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Book Exchange: Books for our book exchange were due yesterday, however if you have not turned one in for your child, there is still time!  If you have not turned one in yet, please have your child turn in a book that is wrapped with who it is from on it.  We are planning to play our book exchange game next week.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Thank you so much for all of the donations so far for our class party on Thursday.  We are still in need of someone to bring in fruit.  It could be a simple as cutting up some watermelon, pineapple, strawberries, clementines, etc…If you are interested in helping us out with fruit, please click on the sign up for it:) 


Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Dec 16…STEAM, Wear Green and Red, Holiday Shop for our class 9:15-10:00am
  • Tuesday, Dec 17…Music, Wear a holiday hat
  • Wednesday, Dec 18…Gym, Grinch Day-dress like the grinch or a grinch character
  • Thursday, Dec 19…Art, wear a holiday sweater or shirt
    • Holiday Party from 2-3pm, all volunteers have been contacted.  
  • Friday, Dec 20…STEAM, wear PJs
  • Dec. 21-Jan. 5…Christmas Break



Kindergarten has Holiday Spirit

Here is the spirit line up for next week(12/16-12/20):


  • Monday: Wear Green and Red
  • Tuesday: Wear a holiday hat(antlers, elf, Santa, etc…)
  • Wednesday: Grinch Day(dress like the Grinch or a Grinch character)
    • This was not posted on the calendar, so please note this change
  • Thursday: Wear a Holiday Sweater
  • Friday: Wear PJs

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Holiday Book Exchange

Just a Reminder…

Books for the holiday book exchanged are due this week, Thursday (Dec 12).  Please have your kinder bring in a wrapped book.  They may fill out the “from” section but please leave who it is to blank.  If you ordered a book through our book order, it will be coming home today:)

If you have any questions, please contact me at htindal@hpseagles.net

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