Weekly Update

Popcorn Words of the week:  as, has


  • Work on adding and subtracting within 10 (or up to 20 if you want a challenge!) or log onto MobyMax and work on some fact fluency.
  • Bake something with Mom or Dad to work on measuring ingredients
  • Count your stuffed animals – Use them as a way to create story problems (There were 4 animals playing in the field, but the bunny hopped away. How many animals are left?)


  • Practice writing upper/lowercase letters and simple sentences
  • Write a letter to a friend in class or Mrs. Tindall
  • Write our popcorn words


  • Keep on being an AVID reader! Find different spots to read around your house and always keep a stack of books nearby.
  • Don’t forget to check out YouTube for our teacher read-alouds!

Keeping sending me pictures of fun things you are doing at home!  I miss every single one of you and can’t wait until we are back learning in the classroom:). Here is a picture of Addy working from home!


Helpful Resources and Tips

Hello sweet kinder families! With all of the changes and craziness of this week, the Georgetown staff has been working together to make this the most successful experience it can be! With that being said, we have been receiving lots and lots of emails with helpful tips and tools, and Mrs. Reagan asked that we pass along some information to you.

If you would like to use Moby Max at home, here is a friendly parent guide on how to access this resource and navigate the website.

Moby Max Parent Guide

Also, we have been figuring out new ways to stay connected socially while we are all at home. A really fun way we can do this is by sharing videos back and forth using a website called Flipgrid! This is a website that the entire school will be using, so it will be fun to click through the videos and see some familiar faces. You might even get to see your bus buddy!!! I will post the link below so you can have some fun with this!


When you click on the link, you will be asked to enter your school email. This will be your kinder’s username + hpsstudents.net

The next thing you will have to do is enter a code which is: 22faf4f1

Your kinder will then be able to create a video that all of their friends from school can watch. Mrs. Reagan asked the kiddos to share where they are learning at home and show everyone their pet or favorite stuffed animal!

I know this is overwhelming and new to all of you. Trust me when I say it is just as new to us! So please just remember to BREATHE and enjoy the extra time you get to have with your sweet babies!!! Also, if you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to me. I love hearing from you and seeing all the pictures you have been sharing! It has been breaking my heart not being able to be at school every day with my wonderful kinders, but the emails and pictures help brighten my day!!

The last link I wanted to share with you is a link just for parents. Mrs. Reagan created another Flipgrid link in hopes that parents could use this as a way to lift each other up by sharing any homeschooling tips you might have or fun ideas other families could try.

Here is the link: https://flipgrid.com/parenttipsges

The only thing you will be asked to do is enter this code: Ges3909!

Please do not feel pressure to upload videos or use the resources we share with you! This is the time for you to figure out what will work best for you and your kinder. This might look different for everyone… and that is OK! We will all get through this together. I am sending my love to everyone. Stay healthy!

Happy Wednesday!

Thank you to EVERYONE for being patient, asking questions and tackling this new “Learning at home” adventure!  You will see that under our “Educational Fun” tab, I added many new links that may be helpful and enjoyable to explore.

My plan is to provide you with a weekly update on skills you can work on from home.  This is all new territory for me.  As I navigate this new norm PLEASE feel free to reach out to me with ANY questions.  Be sure to let me know if there is anything you may need as well.  Our HPS website does have many resources available to those in need.

Keep sending me pictures of you learning at home!  This picture is from Jack on Monday.  He wrote a “How-To” of cooking bacon!  Keep up the great learning, kinders!

I am missing you all so much!!

Hugs from home,

Mrs. Tindall


Good morning Kinders!  Happy 1st day of “Learning at Home.”  Your teachers can’t wait to see how amazing you do while you are working on your at-home learning.  We have added a few additional educational websites on our blogs.  Have fun exploring these over the next few weeks.  Clever information is located on the back of your child’s folder.  Useful sights on Clever: MobyMax fact fluency and RazKids for reading! If you have questions please reach out and we will get back to you.  Below you will see a week of learning ideas.

Our Morning Message:

Good morning K team!  I could see the sunshine this morning.  Would you say good morning to a friend?  We should work hard today.

Love, Your K team teachers

Popcorn Words of the week:  could, would, should


  • Focus on writing #’s 1-50 (can you go higher?-go!)
  • Number identification 1-30 (can you go higher?-go!)
  • Use a whiteboard or paper: Addition/Subtraction Fluency with numbers 1-8, look up educational youtube videos on 3D shapes, counting objects up to 10, one-to-one correspondence, writing number sentences that match the picture (for example 10 stars total = 1 purple star and 9 yellow stars. 10=1+9). 


  • Focus on writing letters to those you can’t see during this break. Remind you kinder to use a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, finger space between words and a period at the end.
  • Practice writing uppercase and lowercase letters


  • Enjoy some time reading each day – to someone, to yourself, to a stuffed animal.
  • Find our popcorn words of the week or past in books or around you.


  • We would LOVE to build a photo album of Kindergarten Learners. Feel free to send us a picture of your Kinder and how they are learning or having fun during this unprecedented time.  We will share them on our blog to keep us all connected.  

We miss our Kinders already!!  Please enjoy the time together and be sure to reach out if you or your family are in need of ANYTHING!  Our school blog has many resources on it for those who may need a grab-n-go meal and other essential items.  We are here for you!  Sending you all hugs and love during this time.


Your Kindergarten Teachers Team

Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Blauwkamp, Mrs. Bohl, Mrs. Stutz and Mrs. Tindall

Awesome Daily Routine for Kids for the Next 4 Weeks…

I stumbled upon this daily routine tonight on social media and thought it deserved to be shared on the blog!  Since we will not be in school for four weeks, I find it super important to maintain routine for our kids during this time of uncertainty! A daily routine such as this one can be reassuring to our kiddos and help to promote positive health and learning.  This routine also encourages our kiddos to keep up with schoolwork and extra activities such as outside time and chores!  We are planning to implement this schedule in my house, starting Monday.  Hug your little kinders extra tight this weekend and please tell them I am already missing them terribly.  Look for more online learning posts coming from me in the upcoming week:)

-Mrs. Tindall


It’s All Good!

Like Pete the Cat says, “It’s All Good!”

As we venture into this unknown amount of time away from school, please be sure to check the classroom blog often.  I will be posting learning ideas for you and updating you with information as it becomes available. 

Please be sure to email me with any questions you may have.  

-Mrs. Tindall

Weekly Update (3/9-3/13)

Popcorn Words:

where, were, there

Writers Workshop:

This week in writing we finished up our opinion unit!  The kinders enjoyed coming up with different problems in our world to write about! Please check out the pictures below.

Readers Workshop:

This week in reading we had a blast with non-fiction text!  We continued to learn that non-fiction text teaches us about a topic.  We also continued on with reading play dates!  The kinders had a blast playing school, playing games and playing pretend with their partners!  




This week we learned about the “Bossy E”!  We had so much fun learning that if the vowel and in a word says the letter name, there is an e on the end of the word!  If the vowel says the letter sound, there is not an e! We quite the discussion on this all week!  We also practiced writing sentences:)



We continued on with Unit 4 this week in math!  The kinders worked on their adding and subtracting fluency with numbers 0-10, building teen numbers, identifying partners of numbers 0-10 and writing partner equations!  I am so PROUD of how hard these kinders are working in math!

Star Student:

Meet Finn

Finn was our star student this week!  We had a blast learning more about him.  We learned his favorite color is red and his favorite animal is a sloth! He enjoys reading, Pete the Cat books and his favorite sport is swimming. When he is at school his favorite thing to do is art and at home he enjoys playing on his iPad.  Finn shows others he cares by being a friend to all!  Three super cool facts we learned about Finn are is he is a great reader, he has his own credit card and he has a fish named Little Michael Scott.  Thanks for being an outstanding star student this week, Finn!  We enjoyed getting to learn more about you!

Mystery Reader:

Harrison was so excited to see his mom walk through our door as the mystery reader on Thursday afternoon!  Thanks for visiting us Mrs. Haan!


Reading Fun with our Buddies:


Book Fair Shopping Day

Image result for clipart books

The kinders had a blast previewing books at the book fair yesterday with their 5th grade buddies! 

Our book fair shopping day will be this Thursday from 2:30-3:00pm.  If your child would like to make a purchase, please place their money in an envelope or baggy with their name on it and the book(s) they wish to purchase.  This will help to prevent lost money!  

Thank you!