Weekly Update (1/4-1/8)


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Popcorn Words: 

at, that, was

New Year’s Craft

We had fun reading a book about a squirrel that makes a new year’s resolution.  We learned that a new year’s resolution is when we make a goal of doing something that may help us grow in a positive way.  Squirrel’s new year’s resolution was to help someone each day of the year.  We discussed our new year’s resolutions and did our best to write them down on paper and we created a craft around the paper.  Check them out below: 



Movie & Popcorn

We earned a reward for earning many outstandings and having excellent behavior!  We celebrated on Friday by watching a movie and eating some tasty popcorn!


Writers Workshop

This week in writing we learned a new type of writing! We learned about “How-To” writing.  We learned that a “How-To” piece tells us step by step on how to do something.  On Monday, we kicked off the new unit by watching a short “how-to” clip on how to pick strawberries and jump rope. We discussed the steps it takes to do these things.  After our introduction we talked about making a snowman and what are the exact steps it takes to build it!  We put pictures in order on how to build a snowman and we wrote down the steps.  We did this for making hot cocoa, baking cookies and how to get ready for school!  Next week we plan to do a few more of these fun “How-To” pieces. 

Readers Workshop

This week in readers work shop we received new reading mats!  These mats are encouraging us to stack our books on one end and read through the pile.  When we are finished with a book, we put it on the new stack and we keep doing this until it is time to partner read!  The reading mats were a hit and the students were excited to receive one!  This week we also discussed that our brains are growing and we are now reading more challenging books than we did at the beginning of the year.  We discussed our super powers and reminded ourselves that we can tackle these long books if we remember to put our powers to use and try very hard!  I am so impressed with how well everyone has been working this week in readers workshop!


This week in math we worked on building larger shapes from smaller ones!  We noticed that you can build a larger triangle out of smaller ones and a hexagon out of 6 triangles!  We had fun experimenting with this and seeing what shapes we could build. We also learned about showing tens and ones in teen numbers.  We did this by grouping the tens and showing the extra ones.  We also spent time drawing numbers 6 through 10 using 5-groups, finding partners of numbers 2 through 6.


Star Student:

Meet Harrison

Harrison was our star student this week!  We learned so many fun new facts about Harrison.  We learned his favorite color is green, he likes to eat pizza and his favorite book is The Lion King!  He enjoys playing soccer and playing both inside and outside when he is at school He lives at home with his mom, dad and brother.  Three super cool facts that we learned about Harrison are he is loving, caring and kind!  Thanks for being a wonderful star student Harrison! 


Important Information

Please remember to send your kinder with a hat, gloves/mittens and coat every day!  Many kiddos are coming to school without gloves/mittens. 

If there is snow on the ground, please plan to pack your child’s snow pants. 

Please remember to send 2 healthy snacks with your kinder each day.

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Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Jan, 11…Art
  • Tuesday, Jan 12…STEAM, -Take Home Books Due
  • Wednesday, Jan 13…Music
  • Thursday, Jan 14…Gym
  • Friday, Jan 15…Art – Take Home Books Due
  • Winter Break: February 6-8

See you tomorrow!

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Hoping you all had a GREAT holiday break and are looking forward to a WONDERFUL 2021!  I had a blast soaking in the extra family time, enjoying the holidays and playing in the snow!!  I am very excited to welcome you all back tomorrow! Below are just a few reminders as we head back to school:

  • Winter Gear…Be sure to send your child in that warm winter gear (hat, gloves, snow pants, coat, boots, an extra pair of socks).  Label each item for easy identification if they should get lost.  Often this gear is much easier stored in an extra bag (If you go this route PLEASE be sure to label the bag with your child’s name).  If anyone is in need of winter gear help PLEASE reach out, we have many helpful resources at Georgetown.
  • Water Bottle…Don’t forget those daily water bottles. 
  • 2 Snacks…We have 2 snack times throughout our day.
  • Lunch…Home lunch or school lunch?  Be sure to discuss with your your child their daily lunch plan.
  • Headphones…If you could have a pair of headphones (labeled in a gallon sized baggy and please no earbuds) for your child by Jan. 18. to keep at school these will be used during our STEAM special.  They will be returned at the end of the school year.  PLEASE do not spend a lot of $, I do have a few extras that can easily be cleaned and used if needed. The Dollar Store and 5 Below are often GREAT spots for inexpensive headphones.
  • Blue Folder 
  • 2 masks


  • I am ALWAYS in need of graham crackers and Clorox wipes.  If you are able or willing to donate, I will gladly accept.  
  • Gently used extra snow gear…mittens, gloves, scarves, boots, snow pants, coats.

Weekly Update (12/14-12/18)


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Popcorn Words:

This week we reviewed all of the words we have learned so far this school year:). 

Holiday Crafts & Activities

This week in kindergarten we had a blast making crafts for the holiday season.  On Monday, we kicked off our week by taste testing gingerbread and deciding if we liked it or not.  We also completed a few gingerbread activities. 


On Tuesday, we read some holiday books and created a poinsettia craft. 

On Wednesday, we completed literacy and math activities that were holiday themed, read two holiday books, made crafts, played bingo and opened up our gift from Mrs. Tindall.  A big thank you to everyone who donated supplies for our holiday party! We has so much fun celebrating all day!

On Thursday, we celebrated Grinch Day by reading “The Grinch” by Dr. Seuss, making a Grinch craft and doing a few Grinch activities. 

On Friday, we celebrated the end of the holiday week by having a Polar Express day!  The kinders listened to the book, did a few activities, watched the movie and had hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows. We wrapped up our morning by making a Santa craft!  We had a blast celebrating the upcoming holiday this week in kindergarten.




Star Student:

Meet Bryson!

Bryson was our star student this week!  We learned that his favorite color is green and German Shepherds are his favorite animal!  He enjoys eating Ham and Cheese Calzone and loves the book, “Dino-Soccer”.  His favorite sport is soccer and his favorite activity in school is to play with Legos!  For fun Bryson enjoys playing with his brothers at home.  Three super cool facts about Bryson:

1. He tries his very best

2. He works hard and

3. He likes to help his dad with projects. 

Thank you for being an awesome star student Bryson.  We are so glad you are part of our classroom family.  

Important Information

Have a safe and fun Holiday Break!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone again in 2021!


Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Jan, 4…Gym
  • Tuesday, Jan 5…Art
  • Wednesday, Jan 6…STEAM
  • Thursday, Jan 7…Music
  • Friday, Jan 8…Gym, Library, Take Home Books Due
  • Friday, Jan 15…Early Release @ 12:15pm
  • Winter Break: February 6-8


Weekly Update (12/7-12/11)

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Popcorn Words: what it

Writing: This week in writing, the kinders came up with a small moment story.  Each child first thought of an idea, pictured it and told it across their fingers.  Then the kinders were asked to write a beginning, middle and end sentence across three pages with a detailed picture.  Our end of the year goal is to have the students understand what is a small moment story and include a beginning, middle and end when they are writing their story.  At the end of the week, we focused on neat sentences with finger spaces between the words.  I am very proud of how hard the kinders have been working on their stories. 

Reading: We wrapped up our Super Power Unit in reading this week!  On Monday, we learned what it means to retell a book we have just read.  We are learning it is important to understand what we are reading and we can practice this by retelling our books.  Later in the week, we reviewed our super powers and got back into the swing of things by reading alone and with our partner. We are planning to start our next unit for reading in January.

Math: This week in math we told and solved addition and subtraction story problems, wrote numbers 1-12, solved addition and subtraction problems, started learning our teen numbers and drew numbers 6-10 using 5 groups.  It was a very busy week in math!  We will continue to practice these skills throughout this unit.Adding and Subtracting (song for kids about addition/subtracting) | Math  songs, Math subtraction, Kindergarten math

Holiday Fun: We started reading some holiday books and making a holiday craft on Thursday & Friday!  The kids are so excited about the fun we will have next week.


A Couple of Reminders…

  • Towels went home today, please return them to school clean and washed for Monday.
  • Hot lunch is FREE to ALL students through June 2021:)  If your child orders milk with their home lunch that is a charge.
  • Please send in 2 snacks daily for our a.m. and p.m. snack time.
  • We are running low on extra snacks for the classroom.  Some donation ideas are graham crackers, applesauce pouches or goldfish pouches.
  • Winter Gear…With the colder weather starting to begin, please be sure to send your kinder to school with the needed gear (winter coats, mittens/gloves, hats, snow pants and boots).  When the snow arrives we will need these items.  We do go outside daily. When the temperature or wind chill are below freezing we do stay inside.  If anyone needs help with getting any of these winter items PLEASE let me know, we have many resources for help.  When buying boots, please consider buying velcro straps or boots that are easy for your kinder to get on independently.  Our goal is for all kinders to get their winter gear on and off independently as best as they can.  Please be sure to label all of their winter gear items as well.
  • Water bottle….be sure to send one in with your child daily.  We cannot use our drinking fountain inside the classroom due to the current Covid-19 safety guidelines. 

Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Dec 14…Music, Wear Red and Green, all donations are dueTHANK YOU TO EVERYONE who is donating an item for our party.  Our list of items was filled this morning by 8am.
  • Tuesday, Dec 15…Gym, Wear a Holiday Hat
  • Wednesday, Dec 16…Art, Wear a Holiday Sweater, Class Party
  • Thursday, Dec 17…STEAM, Dress up like Grinch Character   
  • Friday, Dec 18…Music, Wear Cozy Pjs, Library
  • Dec 19-Jan 3…Holiday Break

Weekly Update (Nov. 30-Dec. 4)

GREAT job with our “Learning at Home” this week!  I hope you found the learning packets helpful as you navigated through our google classroom’s daily assignments. Thank you for all of your flexibility and patience with our Kindergarten team as we maneuvered through this change in learning.  We are planning to return to in-person learning on Wednesday, Dec. 8.  However, with the current climate of constant change, please be sure to stay tuned to our class blog and Georgetown blog for any updates.

Popcorn Words:  look, from, run.  

Math: This week the kinders worked hard at finding groups of 10 in teen numbers, practiced writing numbers 1-10, drew shapes, learned how to use a break apart stick, worked on story problems, and solved addition and subtraction equations.

Writers Workshop:  Your kinder was asked to write a small moment story over the week.  First, thinking of a small moment that happened to them.  Then, telling it across their fingers, drawing it across three pages, drawing pictures to match, and then fixing and fancying it to create a finished small moment story.

Readers Workshop:  During this week of learning your kinder was asked to practice their fluency, listen for patterns, change their voice when reading and use all of their Reading Superpowers.  We hope you saw some reading behavior that made you proud!

Morning and Afternoon Meetings:  It was SO GREAT to see your child join in on our daily meetings!  I LOVED seeing the kinders and interacting with them through our morning work, stories, show and tell and joke telling. 

THANK YOU for all of your help parents and learning helpers!!!! It makes my day to get to see them on Zoom!!

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday, Dec. 7…Online Learning Day
    • Morning Meeting @ 8:45 a.m.
    • Afternoon Meeting @12:15 p.m.—bring a pet or favorite stuffed animal to our zoom meet!  We will share our animals before reading our story.  
    • MUSIC
  • Tuesday, Dec. 8…Online Learning
    • Morning Meeting @ 8:45 a.m.
    • Afternoon Meeting @12:15 p.m.
    • GYM
  • Wednesday, Dec. 9…In-Person Learning & Elliot’s Birthday!
    • PLEASE return to school:
      • Specials “to-go bags”
      • Learning Packets, Homework, any papers completed by your kinder while at home learning time.
      • December Morning Work Packet
      • Gym shoes
      • Towel/Cuddle Buddy for Quiet Time
      • A labeled Ziplock Bag of extra clothes
    • GYM
  • Thursday, Dec. 10…
    • ART
  • Friday, Dec. 11…
    • STEAM

Weekly Update (11/16-11-24)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone ☺🦃 Eat well | Turkey clip art, Thanksgiving clip art, Turkey drawing

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you all had a relaxing holiday and enjoyed your day.  My little family of five had a blast hosting our very first Thanksgiving dinner in our new home with just us and my mother in law.

During this Thanksgiving time, I am truly thankful for all of your sweet kindergarteners and your families!  To be able to start our year together and get in 12 weeks of building a classroom community and learning has been a gift.  I cannot thank you all enough for sharing your kindergartener with me!!

I also wanted to let you know that I appreciate your patience, understanding, and flexibility during these last two weeks.  You have been given A LOT of information.  PLEASE KNOW that if at any point you have a question, wondering, or need, email me and I will help.

Popcorn Words: 

an, can, man, ran. 

Math:  We took our Unit 2 Math test last week.  Your child worked hard on math worksheets that were sent home in their packets.

Writers Workshop:  The kinders worked hard on writing their own small moment stories.  First, they thought about a small moment story that happened to them, picturing it in their minds and then telling it across their fingers.  They also worked hard on the writing that was sent home with them.

Readers Workshop:  We have started to add more powers to our reading superpowers.  This week we added persistence power.  As readers, we have to remember to use all of our powers and most importantly WE CAN’T GIVE UP!  I hope your kinder liked practicing these powers for you and their stuffed animals this week.


Google Classroom:  Our online google classroom work will begin on Tuesday, Dec. 1.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions on getting into our google classroom.  A link to our google classroom is on our class blog listed under the Curriculum heading on the right.  You can also find the Daily Online Learning Schedule under our Curriculum heading tab as well. 

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Daily LIVE meetings:  PLEASE know that if you cannot make these times they will be recorded for you to access at a later time that is convenient for you.  I will be updating our LIVE meeting links with a recorded version once they have taken place.  So, if you miss a LIVE time just go into our google classroom and click on the link you missed.  It will be updated with a recorded meeting for you to view.  It is my understanding that if you cannot attend a LIVE meeting, you will need to call (616-797-9797) your student into the office as you would with an in-person absent day.   You can also email our attendance secretary, Mindy Jeltema at mjeltem@hpseagle.net.  Attendance will only be taken during our morning meeting and afternoon meeting times.

Meal Information:  Free meals are available for all children 18 and under.  You must place an order ahead of time.  You can click this link to go to the order form.  You will be able to pick up these meals at:

  • Hudsonville Freshman Campus, 3370 Allen Street, Hudsonville, 49426.  Front Vestibule area (faces Allen Street).
  • 3:30 – 4:00 p.m.

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Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Nov. 30…Students work on Learning Packets sent home.  No online learning today.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 1…
    • Morning Meeting 8:45 a.m.
    • Afternoon Meeting 12:15 p.m.
    • GYM
  • Wednesday, Dec. 2…
    • Morning Meeting 8:45 a.m.
    • Flex Day, students work independently.
    • NO TEACHER OFFICE HOURS TODAY.  Feel free to email (htindal@hpseagles.net) me with any questions.
  • Thursday, Dec. 3…
    • Morning Meeting @ 8:45 a.m.
    • Afternoon Meeting @ 12:15
    • ART
  • Friday, Dec. 4…
    • Morning Meeting @ 8:45 a.m.
    • Afternoon Meeting @ 12:15 p.m.
    • STEAM

Your Child’s Gmail Login


We are asking that you check your child’s login information as soon as possible.  This information is located on the back of your child’s blue folder.  We are finding that the information we were given in August for our kindergarten students is incorrect and parents are unable to login. 

Please email me as soon as possible if you are unable to log your child in.  I will contact the technology department and get you the correct information.

Thank you!


Virtual Learning

Transparent Cartoon Hand Png - Children Holding Hands Clipart, Png Download , Transparent Png Image - PNGitem

As we are all aware, our school district will be learning at home through Dec. 9.  With this news, the Kindergarten teachers at Georgetown have put together 2 weeks’ worth of learning packets for your Kinder.  Each Kinder was sent home with a Learning packet for 11/18 – 11/24 and for 11/30 – 12/4.  Our goal was to give you pencil and paper tasks that will be easy for you and your Kinder to maneuver through over these next 2 weeks.

Our district plan does state that some online learning will take place.  We will be using google classroom which will house all of our learning for this time.  Each Kindergarten classroom has a specific classroom code.  As a parent, you will need to log into your child’s email to accept the google classroom invite.   Please know that each Kinder does have an email and clever badge id., which is located on the back of your Kinders blue take-home folder.

Here are the links on how to log into google classroom:

Our district has asked each grade level to develop a daily schedule for our students.  Below you can view the daily schedule for Kindergarten.  Please know that our expectations are for you to do what works for your family.



8:45 – 9:00:  Morning Meeting and Morning Attendance (We are required to take attendance during this time.  If you cannot make this meeting daily, please email our school office: mjeltem@hpseagles.net).

9:00 – 9:30:  Writing:  Watch lesson & Complete assignment

9:30 – 10:00:  Math:  Watch lesson & Complete assignment

10:00 – 10:30:  Snack and Break (teacher office hours available to you)

10:30 – 11:00:  Reading:  Watch lesson & Complete assignment

11:00 – 11:30:  Small Group Work (groups will NOT meet until Dec. 7)

11:30 – 12:15:  Lunch and playtime

12:15 – 12:30:  Afternoon Meeting/Read Aloud and afternoon attendance (We are required to take attendance during this time.  If you cannot make this meeting daily, please email our school office: mjeltem@hpseagles.net).

1:00 – 1:50: Specials

2:00: Purposeful Play until the end of the day

2:00 – 2:30:  Teacher office hours available to you

You should have received an email this morning from me inviting you to a “show and tell” meeting for tomorrow.  I would love to see your child!  PLEASE reach out to me at ANY POINT if you have any questions.  Thank you for your patience, grace, and understanding during this very fluid time.